It may be hell for the contestants, but we’re certainly enjoying Netflix’s new reality TV show Single’s Inferno.

After premiering in December, word has spread that the Korean dating show is more than worth the watch thanks to its interesting premise and enviable contestants. 

But what makes it different than Temptation Island, Too Hot to Handle or any other series that sends hot singles to an island? Well, these 12 contestants aren’t dropped into a luxurious setting. For their stay in the Inferno, they surrender all technology and have to literally fend for themselves. That means cooking all their own food, walking to get water and finding shade to stay cool. Think Survivor meets Love Island.

What’s more is the couples aren’t allowed to discuss their age or occupation. They have to get to know each other solely based on personalities. Now, if you’re asking why anyone would join the show if they had to live through this, you’re not alone. 


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