Warning: This contains spoilers for the And Just Like That… finale.

Is Carrie and Samantha’s friendship on the road to recovery?

It looks that way. On Feb. 3, during the finale of And Just Like That…, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) goes on a second date with math teacher Peter (Jon Tenney). At the end of their date, the pair share what Carrie would describe as a “not awful” kiss. But who does she decide to text about this encounter? None other than the one and only Samantha Jones (played by Kim Cattrall in the original Sex and the City). 

“I kissed a man,” Carrie texts Samantha as she sits in her apartment. 

“The first of many,” Samantha replies. “How was it?” 

“It wasn’t Big,” Carrie adds. “So, it was small,” Samantha responds in her typical witty fashion.

Carrie then asks Samantha if she wants to talk, and Samantha half-heartedly promises that they will “soon.”


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