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Getting healthy drinking water is difficult these days. The growing population, the industrial revolution, and pollution have adversely affected the quality of water. The situation of degraded water quality has worsened today’s lifestyle. It has become even more critical to have the use of technological purification or use the purification systems available in the market, ensuring the quality and safe drinking water.

There are a lot of essential minerals found naturally in water and are crucial for a normal healthy life. But, when water gets polluted, those minerals become in excess amount with the addition of dirt, suspended particles, and other unwanted metals. This is what is called ‘contaminated water’ that is not only unhealthy for the human body but if consumed regularly becomes life-threatening too. A Commercial water purifier is a solution to all such water-borne problems. A good water purifier removes all the contaminated particles, excessive salt, microbes, inorganic materials, foul smell, and diluted elements while retaining the number of essential minerals and the quality in terms of taste.

Among the variety of technologies, RO water purifiers are the one generally preferred as the valid purification technology to have pure and safe drinking water. This is widely used technology being fitted in water purifiers for years. This technology also comes up with a combination of other technologies to enhance the overall purification process. However, some issues often disturb an RO system and affect the quality of water being filtered out. These issues need to be diagnosed quickly before they create a negative impact on the internal machinery and the quality of supplied water.

A noisy faucet

It a common problem that often happens with the regular use of water purifiers. It happens while processing the water. Little noises are produced even when the faucet is off. It is quite reasonable that occurs due to a change in pressure inside the machinery. It can be heard when the system is just installed. However, when the purifier produces loud noises, it may be the reason for improper/wrong installation. Another reason for the loud noises can be the absence of required filters/membranes. You can turn/rotate the drain adapter. This may minimize the noisy effect, or else you can consider looking for the Aquafresh RO customer care and get the required details related to your water purification system and additional components!

Leakage in the faucet

Leakage may occur due to three reasons- leak at the base of the brass stem, due to a fault in fitting, and a drip in the spigot. When it is about just the loosening effect of fitting defects it can be corrected by tightening the same while in case of leakage at the brass stem and spigot drips, it may require the change/replacement of the whole faucet or faucet kit. In case of any technical fault/replacement, you may look for the expert’s help. Ask for the professional assistance at Aquafresh RO customer care number and get the work done by experienced mechanics!

Foul smell and the bad taste

A purifier is expected to retain the quality of taste and smell while processing the supplied water. In case, the filtered water smells and tastes terrible; then there might be some defect in the unit or any sign for the bad condition of the fitted membrane. In some instances, freshwater may also create a foul smell in the water. To avoid this, do not let your purifier sustain the filtered water for more than 5 days. If the water remains unused, the already filled container starts smelling out with poor taste. Taking proper care of sanitizing is the best way to overcome the situation.

Continuous running of the machinery

Getting the work of installation done by any unprofessional may lead to such a situation. Carefully check the instructions for installation. Incorrectly installed membrane, ruptured storage tank bladder, worn-out flow restrictor in the drain line are some of the reasons behind such condition. One may require to replace the RO restrictor or the RO water storage tank. It may need an expert’s opinion. Get assisted by Aquafresh customer care and understand your machinery in a better way!

The flow of water is slow

Check for the pre-filter and post-filter. If there is any clogging, then it needs a quick replacement. Other reasons for the stagnant water output can be low air pressure in RO tank, low incoming water pressure than the required limit, foul RO membrane. If it is about membrane fouling, then it’s the time to look for membrane cleaning. However, the process is not economical. It may occur due to regular use creating a layer of suspended particles over the membrane. It a time to call for assistance and get the components to be replaced.

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