Ukrainian-American protesters showed up at a church where Tucker Carlson was speaking to denounce his Putin propaganda.

One protester said, “Your heartless message to the American people who are the cradle of democracy, home of the brave, land of the free is completely unacceptable by anyone.”

Carlson’s pro-Putin propaganda is being noted by Ukrainian-Americans. In Ohio, Carlson’s support of Putin has alarmed Republicans to the point where they are concerned that Ukrainian Americans might vote Democratic in the state’s US Senate election.

Tucker Carlson is pushing Putin propaganda, but there are consequences to trying to convince the American people to fine with the invasion of a democracy and the slaughter of its people.

Carlson may be on his way to becoming a matinee idol on Russian state-run television, but in the United States, he is on the side of evil and protesters are going to make sure that he knows it everywhere he goes.


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