The US Census Bureau released its report on the undercount/overcount, and 19 million minorities were undercounted while white Americans were overcounted.

The Census Bureau reported:

The results show that the 2020 Census undercounted the Black or African American population, the American Indian or Alaska Native population living on a reservation, the Hispanic or Latino population, and people who reported being of Some Other Race.  

On the other hand, the 2020 Census overcounted the Non-Hispanic White population and the Asian population. The Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander population was neither overcounted nor undercounted according to the findings.

Among age groups, the 2020 Census undercounted children 0 to 17 years old, particularly young children 0 to 4 years old. Young children are persistently undercounted in the decennial census.

Trump tried to add a citizenship question to the Census.

He also attempted to delay the Census. 

The Census Bureau believes that they got the overall population count correct.

The Census ran into numerous pandemic-related challenges besides Trump. The under and overcounts are real problems because the numbers are used for congressional redistricting.

Trump’s citizenship question caused the Latino undercount to go from 1.54% in 2010 to 4.99% in 2020.

Trump’s racism caused a higher than usual undercount among Latinos, and that undercount means that Latino districts are around the country could see a decrease in their voting power.


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