President Zelensky’s Chief of Staff said that no president has done more for Ukraine than Biden, which is a direct counter to Trump.


Zelensky’s Chief of Staff Andiry Yermak told CNN’s New Day:

And of course it will be — we are very appreciate it. And it was very good news that immediately after the speech of the president we received this information for the additional aid. And we hope we get it as soon as possible because it’s really important. Ukraine today defend not just Ukraine, defend all democracy, all free world. And if we are to win, and I’m sure that we will win, we win all the world. It’s normal. It’s logical. And we have always said that America is our — one of the biggest strategic partners. 

We really have this aid. And I think sometimes ago for the interview of some American journalists I said really President Biden is the President Of The United States who is better know our country and who has done more than all presidents of United States. And we hope, and the president Zelenskyy yesterday in congress said what they believe that president Biden will be really the leader of the peace of Ukraine. And his leadership help my people, to my country really stop this war and Ukraine to win. 


The Chief of Staff’s comments were a direct rebuttal to Trump’s false claims that he strengthened NATO and provided military aid to Ukraine, “It was me that got Ukraine the very effective anti-tank busters (Javelins) when the previous Administration was sending blankets.”

Trump got impeached the first time for withholding military aid to Ukraine as part of a plot to blackmail them into creating false dirt about Joe Biden.

No president has done more for Ukraine than Biden, and if the Ukrainians win this war, it will be because the current president stepped up and led the world in supporting Ukraine.

Trump is trying to rewrite history by the Ukrainian government is making sure that the world knows the truth.


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