President Biden has requested an additional $10 billion in aid for Ukraine from Congress while Trump was impeached for withholding assistance.

Biden Requests That Congress Approve More Aid For Ukraine

The White House announced the request for more Ukraine aid:

As the President and bipartisan members of Congress have made clear, the United States is committed to supporting the Ukrainian people as they defend their country and democracy. The United States has provided over $1.4 billion in assistance to Ukraine since 2021, and, together with our European allies and partners, we are holding Russia accountable for its unjustified and unprovoked invasion. To continue this important work and further support the Ukrainian people, we are requesting $10 billion to deliver additional humanitarian, security, and economic assistance in Ukraine and the neighboring region in the coming days and weeks.

These resources will mean additional defense equipment for Ukraine, lifesaving humanitarian assistance — such as emergency food assistance — for the Ukrainian people, stronger sanctions enforcement, a dedicated task force led by the Department of Justice to go after the ill-gotten gains and other illicit activities of the Russian oligarchs, and additional support for U.S troop deployments to neighboring countries. Resources will also bolster regional efforts to counter Russian cyberattacks and disinformation, and strengthen the stability of Ukraine’s electrical grid by integrating it with the European Network of Transmission System of Operators.

What A Difference A Presidential Election Makes

Donald Trump was first impeached for withholding military aid from Ukraine as they were under attack from Russia because the former president wanted the Ukrainians to cook up a bogus investigation of Joe Biden.

President Biden is asking for more resources for Ukraine, while Trump was holding aid back from a democracy trying to defend itself from a dictator.

If Trump were still president, it is clear that he would have called Putin a genius, parroted Russia’s cover story, and done nothing to help Ukraine fight off the invasion.

Joe Biden defends democracy. Donald Trump commits crimes against democracies.



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