The Trump White House stopped providing details of Trump’s calls and activities to record keepers just before the 1/6 attack.


CNN’s Paula Reid reported:

Sources tell CNN that Trump’s diarist, the person whose job it is to collect details about the presidents’ daily activities, was interviewed by the House Select Committee roughly two weeks ago. During that interview, she described a noticeable drop-off in information provided by the Oval Office in the days leading up to the insurrection.


The White House record keepers appeared to be iced out in this time period. One source says the last day that normal information was sent out was January 4th. Starting on the 5th, the diarist didn’t receive any annotated calls or notes as she usually would have. This is out of the ordinary. Sources close to the investigation say they don’t seem to know right now who, if anyone, directed a change in recordkeeping or what the motivation behind this change was. As with so many other things in the Trump White House, there is an open question about whether this was intentional or just part of the general chaos and staffing issues, particularly so late in the administration.

Republicans will say that there is nothing to see here, but it is not normal for a White House to stop providing information about a president’s calls and activities the day before a deadly attempt to overturn a presidential election.

A very uneducated guess on who might have ordered that the record keepers are iced out is Mark Meadows, the Trump White House Chief of Staff.

The picture being painted is one of a president who plotted a coup against the United States of America and was trying to cover his tracks along the way.

Something potentially very criminal was going on at the White House just before the 1/6 attack, and it is up to Congress and law enforcement to get the whole story.


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