The 1/6 Committee has evidence that instead of working to end the Capitol attack, Donald Trump was watching TV.

According to the committee’s letter to Rep. Jim Jordan:

Despite the urgent requests that the President speak and instruct the rioters to leave, President Trump did not make such a statement for multiple hours as rioters attacked police and invaded and occupied the Capitol. The Select Committee has testimony indicating that the president was watching television coverage of the attack from his private dining room adjoining the Oval Office during this time period.

Even after the crowd ultimately dispersed late in the day, then-President Trump, through his legal team, continued to seek to delay or otherwise impede the electoral count.

Trump was watching the attack on TV instead of working to stop it because he wanted the violence to happen.

The 1/6 Committee appears to know a lot more about Donald Trump’s comments and actions on the day of the Capitol attack.

Trump was already mad at Mark Meadows for turning over so much information, but the former president’s bigger problem seems to be that the investigation has the information to nail him.

If the Committee knows what Trump was doing in his private dining room during the attack, one can only imagine what other evidence they have been able to acquire.

Many think that Trump is trying to rewrite history with his 1/6 one year anniversary event, but he may also be trying to get out in front of a landslide of evidence that could end his career or get him criminally charged.


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