Trump coup co-conspirator Rep. Jim Banks said that Biden is attacking the free press in a way that has never been seen. Banks forgot about Donald Trump.

Banks tweeted:

Banks is outraged by Biden calling Fox’s Peter Doocy a dumb SOB on a live microphone. However, he was fine with Trump spending years inciting violence against journalists at his rallies, labeling the free press fake, consistently flirting with the idea of trashing the First Amendment, and taking Jim Acosta’s White House press credential away because he did not like the coverage that he was getting from CNN.

When Trump threatens the Free Press people coup, co-conspirator Banks stand up and cheer, but when Biden gets caught on an open mic letting his feelings be known about Peter Doocy’s propaganda, Republicans are suddenly great defenders of the First Amendment.

Jim Banks has been trying to sabotage the 1/6 Committee, so he is the last person that anybody needs to hear from on the topic of constitutional freedoms.


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