Donald Trump called Sen. Mike Lee on 1/6 from a White House phone, but that call was not on the official log.

The Guardian reported:

The former president called the phone of a Republican senator, Mike Lee, with a number recorded as 202-395-0000, a placeholder number that shows up when a call is incoming from a number of White House department phones, the sources said.

The number corresponds to an official White House phone, and the call was placed by Donald Trump himself, which means the call should have been recorded in the internal presidential call log that was turned over to the House select committee investigating the Capitol attack.

The call was not recorded in the official call log as is required by federal law.

The missing call suggests that Trump may not have used burner phones, but turned to a much cruder method to cover up his calls. The Trump White House may not have recorded his calls in the official log, which is illegal, and a massive implication that the Trump administration was engaged in a cover-up.

If Trump had no knowledge of the 1/6 attack in advance and were doing everything possible to end the violence, there would be no need to hide his calls.

The fact that Trump made calls that were left off of the official log suggests that Donald Trump was trying to cover his tracks and points to people at the highest level of the Executive Branch having knowledge and awareness of the planned violence on 1/6.


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