E!: What do you like about shopping at Amazon?
TM: I feel like it’s like it’s changed my life so much. I buy everything on Amazon and it’s just so nice that I can just think “I need this” and immediately place an order. I think about it, I need it, I order it, it comes. It’s just that simple. It almost feels like a present, even though I am paying for it. It’s just so easy. I have no idea how life was before Amazon. I don’t even think I can imagine that. The 4-star section of the website and the physical 4-Star store do the heavy lifting for you because you already know that these products have been vetted. I’m going to have perfect presents to give people because  all the hard work has been done for me. The Amazon 4-Star Shop stuff is just amazing because they just put it all together for you. 

E!: Tell me about the Pawlidays Pet Portraits Event.
TM: I am so excited for my holiday portraits and I am so happy that Amazon 4-Star is doing this in its stores. It’s so great to be able to do this with my babies. I rescued them from China. They are my world. They are the sweetest, most loving. I look at them and don’t even think they’re real sometimes because they’re just so good. I’m so excited to be all decked out. I’m actually making some of the dresses tonight. I actually buy dresses on Amazon and then I buy other things on Amazon like beading and tulle to sew in to make the dresses a little more spectacular, more customized, and more couture. 

E!: What are some pet items that you get from Amazon on a regular basis?
TM: Absolutely. Every month, I buy their food on Amazon. I buy Stella and Chewy’s Venison and Lamb Mix, these little patties that you can crumble up in a bowl. And, of course, I get their Wee-Wee pads on Amazon too. I buy all of their little dog dresses on Amazon and then I trick them out with other Amazon products like ribbons, sequins, and sparkles.


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