A much bigger than usual crowd is on the White House South Lawn to hear Vice President Harris, President Biden and confirmed SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Picture of the White House set up from LA Times reporter Eli Stokols:

Stokols is also on White House Pool duty, and he described the scene in more detail in a report provided to PoliticusUSA:

There are already hundreds of people milling about, chatting and taking pics of themselves on the lawn with the flag-bedecked South Portico behind them.

There are also a few dozen flags lined up in the driveway and four sections of folding white chairs about 8-12 rows deep arrayed in front of the presidential lectern, which looks to be positioned about 150 feet from the door to the south portico.

The Marine band is seated on the east side of the lawn and playing. It’s a pretty perfect April day out here, 58 degrees and sunny with an almost cloudless sky.

This is a day to celebrate history, and the confirmation of Judge Jackson has not gone unnoticed and is a very big deal.

The difference in tone between Biden’s first Supreme Court confirmation and the last two of Trump is striking.

There is joy at Biden’s pick being confirmed to the court, whereas the Trump confirmations were more about the failed former president and his fragile ego.

The executive branch of the federal government has been returned to the people, and the difference is visible in the way Biden’s successful Supreme Court confirmation is being celebrated.


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