Auto companies around the world are refusing to ship cars to Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine.

Automakers Refuse To Ship Cars To Russia

NBC News reported:

General Motors, which annually ships 3,000 cars to the country, has stopped exporting vehicles to Russia in part due to difficulty gaining access into the country, the company told NBC News.

“Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine at this time,” the company wrote in a statement. “The loss of life is a tragedy, and our overriding concern is for the safety of people in the region.”

Meanwhile, Swedish manufacturer Volvo Cars has also halted sending cars to Russia. Last year, the company sold more than 9,300 vehicles to the Russian market totaling 1.3 percent of its global sales, the company said.

Volvo cited the risk of being caught up in international sanctions and the invasion of Ukraine as reasons that they have stopped sending cars to Russia.

The Russian car market was already stagnant, and the big names were Renault, Hyundai, and VW. Renault already suspended production in Russia. United States automakers had already ceased production in Russia years ago, but the move is another sign that most of the world will isolate Russia in every imaginable way.


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