“When Ashley [Park] and I go out, we’re kind of like Mindy and Emily in that we’re very loud,” she said. “People are like, ‘Oh my god, are you Mindy and Emily?'”  

She explained that it was initially “very jarring” to be recognized as the polarizing character from the show while out on the street. “We experienced season one coming out in COVID, so we weren’t outside at all,” Lily said. “No one really had time to interact with us, or we didn’t know if it was hitting well with audiences.”

So when the show came back to film for season two, the cast had to take on a different strategy to keep from being spotted out in public. “When we went back to Paris, we just found that we had to be more, like, quiet because we couldn’t go anywhere without talking and amping each other up,” she joked. “It was fun though.” 

Season two of Emily in Paris hits Netflix Dec. 22.  


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