Speaker of the House Pelosi said that something is off with Putin as some world leaders that she’s talked to suggested he has cancer or COVID brain fog.

Video of Speaker Pelosi:

On MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, Pelosi said something was off with Putin and then followed up by saying:

 I don’t know what is the matter there. I’ve talked to heads of state who have met with him, and they just take it at face value the evil he is putting forth is something we have to deal with. They’re not making a diagnosis of his health. Some say he’s got cancer and some say brain fog from COVID. Other people just think he’s a complete raging bully.

But whatever it is, the people of Ukraine are paying the price for it. And unfortunately, the people of Russia going to pay a price for it in economic terms with the very strictest of sanctions. I want to commend President Biden for the sequencing of events that he has put forth for how he has worked in a unified way with our allies on all of this. Because no matter what happens, whatever Putin may define as a success for him, it is a victory because in the long term, Russia will suffer, and Putin will fail. 

The general consensus is that the world is not dealing with the same Putin they have known for the previous 20 years.

It is difficult for the west to get health information on Putin, but he may not be of sound mind represents a danger to the world.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been poorly thought out and executed. No one is sure what Putin’s end game is or if he even has one. What Putin thought that he would accomplish in Ukraine has not happened.

People at the highest levels of government are speculating that something is wrong with Putin, and this possibility only increases the urgency of the west to defeat him.


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