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Do you enjoy the surprise and excitement that comes with unveiling a blind box art or toy figure? There’s nothing like unwrapping a blind box and finding the really rare chase piece or figure you’ve been yearning for.

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get.”The popular Forest Gump line also applies to blind boxes, the newest craze that is sweeping the globe and putting millions of collectors’ money in their pockets.

A Blind Box is a sort of packaging that conceals the contents. They are similar in every aspect, and no one knows which toy is inside, not even us.

Token Studio was among the first to produce blind box collectible art figures, which were designed to protect the uniqueness and collectibility of the figure within. The element of surprise, as well as the delight and excitement, have all stayed at the heart of what the company does. The firm included a sealed foil bag into each blind box to make it a true collectible piece that you can’t cheat with x-rays or by unwrapping alone.

Since the beginning, numerous firms have tried to replicate the delight they experienced by supplying blind packaging, and blind boxes have swept the globe by storm.

Even Token Studio doesn’t know what’s inside each blind box, which adds to the surprise and joy of opening them. The blind boxes are fantastic gifts for any occasion, and the firm offers something for everyone on your shopping list! Rather than a lottery ticket, get them special run blind box artist series mini toys, mystery characters from their favorite video game, movie, or TV show, or blind boxes from the newest limited edition Dunny series. Token Studio’s blind boxes, bling keychains, mini-series, and blind bags are all available now at

What are the chances of discovering figures?

The odds of discovering each figure in a series are indicated on the side of the box. There may also be one or two “chase” characters, who have the best odds and are displayed in silhouette. Chase figurines are extremely rare and, as a result, more difficult to get than others. Token Studio occasionally adds super-mystery figurines that don’t even appear on the package. The company has even featured hand-made, one-of-a-kind figurines by prominent artists in the past.

Token Studio has the most comprehensive collection!

The anticipation of the unknown is part of the allure that draws collectors, particularly young adults, to blind boxes. When opening a blind box, some collectors claim their bodies produce dopamine, a neurotransmitter known to provide pleasure.

Nevertheless, the most ardent collectors perceive value in amassing the whole collection of a particular series.

ShinWoo Sweet Dream Hotel Series Blind Box

This series has 12 standard designs as well as 2 hidden designs. A whole case has 12 standard designs or 11 regular designs plus 1 hidden design.

ShinWoo Love Or Death Series Blind Box

There are 12 standard designs and two hidden designs in this series. 12 ordinary designs or 11 standard and 1 hidden design are included in a whole case.

ShinWoo Christmas Nightmare Series Badge Blind Box

Finding Unicorn produces this blind box series created by Shinwoo. There are nine distinct designs to collect, as well as the potential to locate two secret pursuit figurines in the series! Each figurine is roughly 2-3.5″ in height.

Available in either a single-blind box or a case of nine.

How will the toys be delivered?

Token Studio wraps the figure in foil so that no one can open the package and get a sneak glance. It also forbids anyone from using high-tech devices to scan the box. Oh, yes… it has occurred.

How can you get a blind box?

If an item is marked as a blind collection, simply place it in your cart with other toys. It will arrive at your house in the same way as any other toy. As with any other package, open it as you would any other. Like every other Token Studio figure you’ve bought, it’ll be a mystery until you open the box and peel the foil. Have fun looking!

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