Other country artists were also quick to defend Guyton. In the comments section, Sugarland‘s Jennifer Nettles wrote, “Go sing your heart out and represent the Beauty and Talent that you are and that you Love.”

She continued, “Every performer in the world dreams of getting to be a part of something so iconic as the Super Bowl. You are there because you deserve to be or else you wouldn’t be there,” adding, “Can’t wait to watch you shine!”

Meanwhile, “Queens Don’t” artist RaeLynn commented, “I can’t imagine taking the time to write something so false and hurtful. You are so loved Mickey.”

Maren Morris re-shared Guyton’s post on her Instagram Story and praised the “Black Like Me” vocalist for speaking out. “Thinking of my friends who are putting out so such good despite the daily barrage of abuse and death threats just for them existing and trying to paint their corner of the world prettier,” she penned in the caption. “Carry on.”


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