I’m not the only one who was amazed by this mask. Check out what these other Soko Glam shoppers had to say.  

One customer gushed, “I have extremely sensitive, acne prone skin. I received this as a free gift on an order and was skeptical but gave it a try. I thought “oh this thin, runny mess with leaves in it won’t do anything.” I left it on longer than recommended… and when I rinsed it off (which was extremely easy to do) my skin felt softer, more even, and cleaner than ever before. I can’t even believe it. I’m now using this once a week and it really does wonders at getting out blackheads and imperfections. I honestly can’t believe it. Highly recommend.”

Another shared, “I had a really bad case of hormonal acne; and I felt that this herbal mask really helped calming down the redness and irritation.”

“I’ve used this mask about a dozen times and I love it. It feels really refreshing and has a nice green tea scent. I usually use this when my skin feels congested, a shopper wrote.”

Another described this as a “must buy for dry skin,” adding, “This mask is saving my skin this winter. My whole family also loves it!! I have super sensitive acne prone skin and it worked wonders for me. It is super soothing and makes your skin so soft. Definitely going to keep buying.”

Someone else wrote, “This is such a nice wash-off mask! It leaves skin smooth and refreshed after use and is good for blemish control, in my experiences. It was extremely soothing to my irritated skin after a recent allergic reaction to another product and has been a great help in getting my skin back to its normal state since then. I have dry, sensitive, acne-prone skin and use this twice weekly – three times if I need an extra boost. I recommend it!”

“The mask is a little bit messy to apply but it’s worth it for the effects! After I used it just once, my skin was noticeably more glowy and bright. It’s a super effective mask and a little goes a long way. I highly recommend,” a fan of the product shared.

Another person wrote, “Calming and clarifyingI really like this mask. It calms my skin if it’s red and breaking out. Simple and effective.”


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