MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow announced that starting next month, she will only anchor her show on Monday nights.

Video of Maddow:

Maddow explained the new schedule, “So here’s the plan. I’m back, I’m gonna be here all this month Monday through Thursday night. Now, for big news events, like the lead-up to the election, I will be here more. But that is the general plan. I will be here this month, Monday through Thursday nights, and then starting next month, starting in May, I’m gonna be here weekly. I’m gonna be here on Monday nights, again, to give myself just more time to work on some of the other stuff that I’ve got cooking for MSNBC and NBC. So, Monday to Thursday night this month, starting next month will be here weekly. And again, this might change. We will see how things go. But, that is the plan as of now.”

The next few weeks will be the last of the nightly Rachel Maddow Show. It was reported when she signed her new contract last year that the nightly show was ending in the spring, and that is exactly what has happened.

Since Maddow isn’t totally leaving the show, it makes sense why she wouldn’t want someone like Keith Olbermann taking over the other weeknights at 9 PM.

What is unknown is whether or not Tuesday through Friday will be rebranded as a different program, or whether it will keep the Rachel Maddow name without Rachel Maddow.

Maddow will still be around for big news, and she is set to anchor the network’s election coverage, but for millions of viewers, their nightly ritual of watching Rachel Maddow will be coming to an end.


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