The White House has released video of President Biden watching the confirmation vote with Ketanji Brown Jackson, and you can see Biden getting fired up.


President Biden has been following congressional votes since the 1970s, but getting Judge Jackson confirmed to the Supreme Court was clearly special for him. Biden understands that beyond checking a box as far as diversifying the court is concerned, Justice Jackson will also be a role model.

For as long as this nation exists, school children will be asked who was the first African-American woman to be a Supreme Court justice? They will answer Ketanji Brown Jackson. The answer will never change. It is permanently written in history from this day forward.

Biden was clearly fired up. It isn’t easy to imagine many other presidents watching the confirmation with their nominees and sharing so much happiness and joy.

The corporate media has decided to spin everything Biden related in a negative light for the sake of profit, but the video above shows the decent man that more than 80 million Americans voted for.

It is also why Joe Biden will be hard for Republicans to beat in 2024.


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