Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic departs the Park Hotel while under immigration detention, to convene with his legal team after his visa to play in the Australian Open was cancelled a second time, in Melbourne, Australia, January 16, 2022. REUTERS/Loren Elliott


Djokovic’s lawyer questions what immigration minister knew about tennis player’s vaccine views

There has been a bit of discussion about a BBC article: What has Novak Djokovic actually said about vaccines? (below).

Djokovic’s lawyer Nick Wood suggests the immigration minister, in his decision to revoke the tennis star’s entry to Australia, was only aware of his “historic views”.

He quoted the minister’s decision as saying: “I have not sought the views of Mr Djokovic on his present attitude to vaccination”.

Mr Wood himself says: “This implies the minister contemplated doing so but decided not to. But also implies that the minister, therefore, doesn’t know” what Djokovic’s attitudes are.

Mr Wood says the statements attributed to the tennis player were made before COVID-19 vaccines were developed.

“It is significant that the minister does not cite what is a rather important qualification in the BBC article, which was that (Djokovic) was no expert and would keep an open mind.”


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