Mitch McConnell was asked where his moral red lines are, and he made it clear that he has none.


McConnell refused to answer the question about what are his moral red lines from Axios’s Jonathan Swan. He seemed to get offended when asked about the hypocrisy of saying that Trump was responsible for 1/6 and also saying that he would support Trump if he was the 2024 Republican nominee.

The Senate Minority Leader refused to answer how he would handle future Supreme Court nominations if he were Majority Leader, and generally, McConnell made it clear that he values no laws, or precedents, and has no moral red lines.

Mitch McConnell is a bad majority leader. He doesn’t accomplish much of anything. He ignores the will of the majority of the American people. For McConnell, power is not about governing but is its own end.

Sen. McConnell’s superpower has never been that he is a strategic or legislative master.

McConnell’s gift has always been that he has no morals and will do anything to win.

In case voters needed a wake-up call for the midterm election, just remember that Mitch McConnell is a one-seat pick-up away from being the Senate majority leader.


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