2 a.m. That’s a wrap. Sorta. A portion of Mindy’s team (who were able to leave the manse by midnight) is tasked with reporting to the Santa Monica Pier the next morning for set-up with the rest of the crew filtering in that afternoon. And, of course, there’s still the Saturday reception and Simon Huck’s wedding to oversee.

By the time Mindy makes it to her Sunday morning ritual of browsing the local flea market and spending time with her grandchildren, “I could not move and I kept saying to my husband, ‘Something’s wrong with me. Something’s wrong. I’m so tired. I’m so tired,'” she recalls. “And he goes, ‘Yes, there’s something wrong with you that you don’t understand why you are so tired.'”

The exhaustion is worth it, though, as Paris’ official review rolls in: Loves it.

“She wrote a lovely email,” says Mindy. “I think she was thrilled. And she got such a positive response on her fashion, which was a big deal and it really showed a different side of her.” Ultimately, while her job is hard AF, requiring her to be aware of every potential mishap without showing the slightest hint of anxiety, “It’s very rewarding,” she says. “Very, very, very.”


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