Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) claimed that Americans don’t care about Ukraine but are focused on the border and gas prices.


Greene said that we need to focus on America first, and added, “We are seeing rapidly rising inflation. It’s completely out of control, while in Congress and here in the Washington bubble that’s disconnected with the rest of America all we’re hearing is potential war with Russia over the nation of Ukraine.  Ukraine is not a NATO member ally, and President Biden had told them we would only be standing with our NATO member allies. All we’re hearing on the news is Ukraine, but here in America what real Americans care about is gas prices they can’t afford. Inflation that goes up and up to where grocery bills are unaffordable, and they’re very concerned about our out of control open border.”

There is zero evidence that Americans don’t care about Ukraine. On the contrary, polling shows that Americans care so much about Ukraine that they were willing to pay more for gasoline if it meant stopping Putin’s invasion.

What Greene seems to have meant is that Russia supporting Trumpers like herself do not care about Ukraine.

Greene couldn’t make her support for Putin more obvious. The American people care about Ukraine, as the Putin GOP continues to announce itself to the nation.


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