A federal judge signaled that the lawsuit seeking to disqualify Rep.Marjorie Taylor Greene from the ballot would be allowed to go forward.

CNN reported:

Federal Judge Amy Totenberg of the Northern District of Georgia said during a lengthy hearing that she has “significant questions and concerns” about a recent ruling in a similar case, which blocked the same challenge against Rep. Madison Cawthorn, a North Carolina Republican.

There is a great deal of evidence mostly from Greene herself, that she supported Trump’s coup. She supported the insurrection, and she supports the insurrectionists who are currently behind bars.

From day one of her political career, Marjorie Taylor Greene has been an extremist who is seeking to attack and destroy democracy from the inside. Rep. Greene is a supporter of Putin and has taken numerous recent votes that have placed her opposition to democracy in the public record.

Greene’s attack on America could mean that she will be disqualified from running for office.


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