Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) tried to make crime an issue in his race against Rep. Val Demings and got his head handed to him.

The exchange on Twitter:

One can always tell when Sen. Rubio is running for reelection because he takes the Fox News talking points into overdrive.

For example, Rubio is accusing Joe Biden of giving out free meth to minority communities:

Fox News has been talking about crack pipes non-stop for the previous 24 hours, so that is where Rubio got the crack pipes from. He appears to have made up the meth allegation on his own.

If Rubio had said Joe Biden is sending ice cream cones to minority communities, that would be believable because the President does love his ice cream, but no one with a functioning brain cell believes that Biden is handing out meth.

Marco Rubio Made A Big Mistake Coming After Val Demings On Crime

It is an old political strategy to take an opponent’s strength and turn it into a weakness, but that idea backfired on Marco Rubio in a spectacular fashion. Val Demings spent nearly 30 years in law enforcement, and Marco Rubio has never had a real job outside of running for office.

Rubio is worried about the formidable Rep. Demings, who could present the toughest election challenge he has ever faced to keep his Senate seat.

Demings destroyed him when his campaign tried to disparage her on fighting crime. The Florida Senate race could turn into a barnburner between the cop (Demings) and the lawless lifetime politician (Rubio).



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