While hanging out at a club with Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene, Madison Cawthorn said that Greene is the real leader of the Republican Party.


Cawthorn spends some time hanging out with Greene and Gaetz and then he starts talking about Republicans doing cocaine and having orgies. One suspects that this is not a coincidence given that Gaetz is currently under investigation for child sex trafficking.

The idea that Marjorie Taylor Greene is the real leader of the Republican Party is music to Democratic ears. It is also a reminder to Kevin McCarthy that no matter how much he courts and sucks up to Greene, Gaetz, Jordan, Cawthorn, and others, they will never support him for speaker, and if McCarthy ever finds himself elected Speaker, Greene, and her crowd will do everything that they can to oust him.

House Republicans have found their leader, and it’s not McCarthy but Marjorie Taylor Greene.


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