Corpses, dismembered limbs and bear hearts, oh my! 

It’s no secret that season one of Showtime’s Yellowjackets had some disturbing scenes. But what was it like filming them? Well, in an E! News interview, Liv Hewson, who plays Van on the coming-of-age drama, gave us the rundown on what really went down when filming those oh-so gory scenes.

Right out of the gate, Liv, who uses they/them pronouns, proved to be far braver than us, as they admitted to never being grossed out by icky special effects.

“I spent three years on a show called Santa Clarita Diet, where we were surrounded by practical effects, body parts, and corpses and blood like every day and the show was a comedy,” they shared. “So we got really used to that.”

So by the time Liv joined Yellowjackets, they said that they had “seen this before,” adding, “Like, ‘I know what this does.'”

“I came in desensitized already,” they said, “which was maybe beneficial.”

Hopefully we feel similarly when season two of Yellowjackets airs—but we doubt it.


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