In a disgraceful performance, Sen. Lindsey Graham started ranting at and badgering Ketanji Brown Jackson about Brett Kavanaugh.


The exchange:

Senator Graham: Did you watch the Cavanaugh hearings? 

Judge Jackson: No, sir. 

 Sen. Graham: Are you familiar with what happened in the Kavanaugh hearings? 

Judge Jackson: Generally.

Chairman Durbin:  Senator, your time is — 

Sen. Graham:  Please come on, Mr. Chairman. To be honest. 1:47. She filibustered every question I had, and she has a right to give an answer but I’m trying to make a point in 20 minutes. You were here for what happened, some people on the other side had an accusation against Judge Kavanaugh that during high school he sexually assaulted somebody. And the rest is history. That was known to the people on the other side and never revealed during the meetings they had with judge Kavanaugh. It was literally an ambush. He was ambushed. How would you feel if we did that to you? 

Judge Jackson: Senator, I appreciated the kindness that each of you has shown me to see me in your offices and to talk with me about my approach. 

Graham:  My question is during a 50-minute exchange. It was very close and you are a nice person you a lot to be proud of. I would never do that to you. If I had information that is sketchy at best that somehow you’ve done something wrong. I promise you just from human decency I would share it with you. I would not disclose it at the last minute of the last day of the hearing and I’ve already given it to a newspaper so the whole country can read about it before you ever said a word. 

Chairman Durbin: Senator, she had nothing to do with — 

Graham:  No. But I’m asking her about how she may feel about what y’all did.

Lindsey Graham was so outraged about a white man being accused of sexual assault that he had to bully and badger an African-American woman who had nothing to do with Brett Kavanaugh about them.

Graham’s performance during these hearings has been disgraceful, but somehow, on Wednesday, he was able to find an even lower low.


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