Kevin McCarthy broke into a sprint and ran down the hallway when he was asked if 1/6 was legitimate political discourse.

ABC’s Rachel Scott tweeted the video of McCarthy running away from her question:

McCarthy told Scott to make an appointment with his office and stop by sometime, then added, “It’s not good to ask questions in hallways.”

McCarthy later did sort of answer the question:

McCarthy’s office then had to issue a clarification that he meant that there was *not* legitimate political discourse on 1/6, instead of what he suggested, which is that there was.

Mitch McConnell stood in front of reporters and disagreed with the RNC’s claim that 1/6 was legitimate political discourse. McConnell called it a violent insurrection.

Kevin McCarthy offered no such leadership. McCarthy literally ran away from the question. The difference between McCarthy and McConnell is that McCarthy has welded himself to Donald Trump.

Republicans are getting nervous as their chances of taking back the House have taken a hit, and Kevin McCarthy’s idea of leadership is to run away from questions that he is afraid to answer, and then offer up an answer that had to damage controlled and corrected.

The American people deserve better than cowardly Kevin McCarthy as Speaker.


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