COVID cases are falling, oil prices are dropping, and Kevin McCarthy seems to be getting worried about the midterm election.


McCarthy said:

 What did we just find out yesterday from the New York Times? Yes, it is Joe Biden’s laptop and Adam Schiff lied to us one more time. Why is he still chair of the committee and why is he even on the committee? The new congress, if it’s a new majority, he will not be. You cannot make this committee political. You cannot use it as a possession of a chairman to lie , and you should be focused on what the American people want you to be focused on around the world.


How did you miss Afghanistan collapsing, Ukraine, how have you missed every single part? Why? You are outline about an impeachment and everything else. That is not your job. That is not your role. And we should be able to trust the chair of the Intel Committee to be honest with the American public regardless of what political realm he is in. 

The laptop isn’t Joe Biden’s. Adam Schiff doesn’t deserve to be kicked off of the Intelligence Committee, but it seem like Kevin McCarthy is throwing everything at the wall in the hope that something sticks.

McCarthy had been banking on voter anger giving him an easy path to the House majority and speakership, but he is lower gas prices and inflation away from potentially losing his shot at becoming Speaker.

Kevin McCarthy’s problem with Adam Schiff is that Rep. Schiff investigated Trump and managed the first impeachment trial.

The writing is on the wall. If Republicans take back the House, McCarthy seems to be laying the foundation to use “Hunter Biden’s laptop” to impeach President Biden.


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