Michael C. Hall’s Eight Years on “Dexter”

How is Dexter going to explain this away?

During the Dec. 5 episode of Dexter: New Blood, Sheriff Angela Bishop (Julia Jones) learned that her boyfriend Jim Lindsay is, in reality, former Miami resident Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall). The revelation came about after an encounter with Captain Angel Batista—shout-out to the return of David Zayas—who revealed that a former colleague had a son named Harrison. Then, Angela’s daughter Audrey (Johnny Sequoyah) shared that Iron Lake teen Harrison (Jack Alcott) confessed that his dad’s name isn’t really Jim.

After some internet sleuthing, Angela found Dexter’s obituary, which included a very telling photo. And, as a new teaser for the Dec. 12 episode revealed, Angela confronts Jim/Dexter with a printout of the revealing obituary. Of course, we needed more information than that, so we sat down with Jones herself and asked her to tease anything she could about this upcoming confrontation.

“There are so many elements at play for her. It is her boyfriend,” she exclusively told E! News. “So there’s a personal element to it. There’s also the fact that she’s the chief of police and somebody has been faking—is it fraud? I don’t know. But there are a bunch of different sides to it, and it brings up a lot of uncomfortable feelings for her.”


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