Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) objected to Biden defense nominees being confirmed by unanimous consent as not even a war can make Hawley put America first.

The Democratic Senate Floor Updates tweeted:

Josh Hawley has been caught pushing Putin’s propaganda on the Ukraine invasion, and he recently suffered a public humiliation when not a single Senate Republican joined him in blocking a Biden nominee.

Days ago, Sen. Hawley pledged to support Zelensky, and now he is blocking President Biden’s DOD nominees.

Hawley has been blocking Biden defense nominees because he wants the President to fire his entire national security team over the Afghanistan withdrawal.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine should give patriotic Republicans pause before they use their obstructionist tactics, but Sen. Hawley is no patriot. America needs a fully staffed Department of Defense. The world is in a dangerous moment, but Sen. Hawley doesn’t care. He is more interested in scoring partisan points for a potential White House run than he is in protecting democracy at home and worldwide.

Josh Hawley’s behavior is cravenly ambitious, disgraceful, and unfit for the United States Senate.



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