The tech world is getting their moment in the spotlight.

On Monday, Jan. 10, Showtime released the first teaser for the series Super Pumped: The Battle For Uber, starring Joseph Gordon-LevittUma Thurman and Kyle Chandler. The anthology series’ first season explores the success of the ride-share app Uber and how its founder and CEO Travis Kalanick was knocked from the top.

The trailer shows Gordon-Levitt as Kalanick, who promises his employees, “Contrary to what you might’ve read—I’m no monster.”

Then, there’s Uma, who portrays former Huffington Post co-founder Ariana Huffington. It’s Huffington who dubs Kalanick as the “notorious bad boy of tech.” 

But it quickly becomes clear that having a reputation as a bad boy does not bode well for growing a business. As Chandler’s character Bill Gurley puts it, “The best thing about Travis is he’s willing to run through walls to win. The worst thing about him is he thinks everything is a wall.”


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