Uh, is this a Camp Rock deleted scene?

On Dec. 21, Joe Jonas posted a photo of himself in the audience at Coachella in April 2016 on TikTok, revealing that he was high in the picture. He captioned it, “Thinking no one can tell I’m high at Coachella.” Joe posted the photo along with the Tyra Banks TikTok sound originating from America’s Next Top Model. “It is so bad, I want to give you a ‘zero,'” Joe mouths in the now viral video. “But it’s so bad, I give you a ‘one.'” 

Aside from enjoying some music at the festival, Joe also took the stage at Coachella 2016. He performed that day with JinJoo Lee and Cole Whittle at the Republic Records Jägermeister Party.

And Joe wasn’t the only Disney Channel star living the high life. Back in 2013, Joe revealed in an interview with New York Magazine that he “smoked weed” for the “first time” with Miley Cyrus and ex-girlfriend Demi Lovato when they were teenagers and that they “peer pressured” him into getting high. 

“I must have been 17 or 18. They kept saying, ‘Try it! Try it!’ so I gave it a shot, and it was all right,” he said. “I don’t even smoke weed that often anymore.”


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