CNN’s Jim Acosta called out Republicans who claim to support democracy in Ukraine while staying silent on Clarence and Ginni Thomas.


Acosta said:

Contrast that with the party’s near-total silence on the revelation the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Ginni Thomas, was texting with then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows about Donald Trump’s un-democratic un-constitutional quest to overturn the 2020 election results.


Mrs. Thomas repeatedly encouraged Meadows to push the big lie all in an effort to stop the election from being certified. All of this was happening as her husband was on the high court weighing whether or not to overturn the election results. GOP leaders are defending this uniquely influential D.C. power couple and Thomases declined to comment. But again, not exactly a banner day for American democracy.

With the images of Russia’s heinous attacks on Ukraine flooding into American living rooms, President Biden has insisted the U.S. continue to support the Ukrainian resistance because democracy must prevail in the face of Russian aggression. Mr. Biden has framed the struggle as often has as one of democracy versus autocracy. But American democracy isn’t really on a roll these days. Good thing the Ukrainians are. U.S. Allies have expressed grave concerns that American democracy is on the decline. 

It’s hard to argue with that. Not only because of what happened this past week or what happened on January 6th but also because some of the main culprits behind the insurrection have yet to be held accountable. Being a defender of democracy on the world stage ought to include leading by example. It is a lot more difficult to defend democracy when you’re not its best role model.

Jim Acosta was right. Republicans can’t claim to support democracy in Ukraine while working to undermine it in the U.S. The world can see the weakening of democracy that is being carried out by Republicans.

If the GOP supported democracy, they would be denouncing Clarence, and Ginni Thomas was supporting a full investigation into Trump’s coup and the 1/6 attack.


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