Jim Acosta nailed Tucker Carlson for making comments similar to Putin’s spokesman about Russian atrocities in Ukraine.


Acosta replied to Carlson trying to spread doubt about Russian atrocities in Ukraine, “A reminder this is the same commentator who said in 2019 that he was rooting for Russia over Ukraine. Last week Tucker Carlson tried to imply that some of what you are seeing has been fabricated and amplified by news organizations. That sounds a lot like what we heard from Putin’s spokesman who said bodies lining the streets were, quote, a forgery, aimed at denigrating the Russian army.”

There has been too little coverage of Tucker Carlson’s one-man Russian disinformation campaign on Fox News. Jim Acosta has been doggedly calling out Carlson and importantly is suggesting where the Fox News host is getting his talking points.

Tucker Carlson is doing the Kremlin’s work from his nightly perch on Fox News. Few in the mainstream media have been willing to call out Carlson, much less use their platform to debunk and shine a light on his tactics.

The words are going to Putin’s spokesman’s lips to Tucker Carlson’s audience.

Carlson isn’t expressing an opinion. He is trying to help Putin win by weakening US support for Ukraine from inside the country.

Tucker Carlson is aiding an American enemy, and Jim Acosta isn’t allowing him to get away with it.


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