CNN’s Jim Acosta referred to Trump as the “lord of the lies” and said that Trump’s swamp of lies is sinking conservative media, Republicans in Congress, and the former president.

Video of Acosta:

Acosta said after playing a video of Trump hanging up on an interview with NPR, “Yeah, he hung up. That’s because all of the lies are catching up with the lord of the lies. Trump, his advisers, his allies in Congress, and on conservative media. They are all drowning in Trump’s swamp of lies. And that swamp is not draining. But there is a cure for what ails them and us and our democracy. It’s called the truth. And while you’re at it, get the courage booster. I hear that works, too. “

Acosta was correct. Trump and his allies are trying to hold off a rising tide of lies with decreasing amounts of success. Trump told too many lies for too long. They have all piled up, and they are coming back to haunt the former president and his allies.

There are too many investigations into Trump’s lies. Trump is being investigated in multiple states and by a House Select Committee. Without the power of the presidency, Trump can’t hold it all off.

Slowly, but steadily, the twice impeached failed former one-term president is drowning in his swamp of lies, and he is taking Republicans in Congress and conservative media with him.


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