White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki went on Fox News Sunday and showed Democrats everywhere how to handle Fox.

Video of Psaki:

Psaki was asked about Title 42 as an immigration issue, and she immediately flipped the question.

Psaki said:

Well, first, Title 42 is not an immigration plan or an immigration authority. No one in the administration thinks that. It’s an authority given to the CDC actually by Congress to make a determination about whether it should still stay in place. We agree that the immigration system is broken, it should be addressed and we should do more to fix it, and Democrats, moderates, wherever they fall in in the party, Republicans of any flavor want to work with us on that, would love to do that.

That’s why the president put forward a plan, an immigration reform plan on his first day in office. I can’t make a prediction of where Congress is going to vote, but what is important right now is they are using this to hold hostage funding for COVID. 

COVID funding that we need in order to buy pills to help immunocompromised, to help those to ensure we can reboot our uninsured program, to make sure we have testing capacity. That’s what they are doing. It lets have debates, let’s have discussions, let’s have people come down to the white house, talk about immigration. We all want to fix it, but we need is COVID funding, and it’s really a huge disappointment to us that the Congress is left for two weeks without passing this into law.

The first thing Jen Psaki did was she did not accept the premise of the question that Title 42 is an immigration issue. After rejecting the premise, but making sure to talk about how the White House door is open for a bipartisan immigration deal, the White House Press secretary was able to shift the question to COVID funding, where she expressed disappointment with all of Congress for not passing funding before leaving town.

Fox and its associated programming spend every day painting Biden and his administration as fire-breathing socialists.

Psaki went on a Fox-associated program and was able to deliver a broadly appealing message, by rejecting the Fox News frame.

A propaganda network can’t spread propaganda if its premise is rejected, in this case, Biden is soft on immigration.

Jen Psaki showed Democrats and everyone watching how to perfectly handle Fox News or any biased corporate media.





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