Jen Psaki had her 200th press briefing on Wednesday, which is one more briefing than press secretaries held under Trump.

Video of Psaki being told that this is her 200th briefing:

Reporters Without Borders calculated that as of March 11, 2020, Trump Press Secretaries held 158 briefings during his presidency. Reporters Without Borders defined a briefing as an appearance where the press secretary took questions from reporters.

A search of the archived Trump White House website revealed that Press Secretary Kaleigh McEnany held 41 briefings from March 11, 2020, through the end of Trump’s term on January 20, 2021. The last Trump White House Press briefing occurred on December 15, 2021.

Biden and Jen Psaki have returned the government back to the people and restored accountability to the Executive Branch. The Trump administration consistently set records for days between press briefings.

Trump spent more than a quarter of his presidency without an official briefing being held. Trump developed a habit of calling fake press conferences at the White House where the media would gather, but he would not take any questions. 

The Trump administration intentionally tried to freeze out the American people so that they would not know what their own government was doing. President Biden has made the White House accountable again.

The daily briefings provide a valuable way for the administration to be questioned and held accountable while also informing the people about what the Executive Branch of their government is doing.

Jen Psaki has now held more press briefings than all of Trump’s press secretaries combined, as the Executive Branch has been normalized and become functional.


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