Jen Psaki called out hypocrite Lindsey Graham and said that Build Back Better actually pays for the Trump tax cuts that Graham supported.


Psaki said when asked about Sen. Graham’s fake CBO score:

This is a fake CBO score. Is not about the existing bill.  It’s about proposing the extension of programs that were not agreed to. Without the commitment of the president which he has made repeatedly that he would not support extending these programs that they were not paid for, period. That is his commitment. 

I would also note that there is a particular irony here. That shouldn’t be lost on Senator Graham. Maybe it is lost on Sen. Graham? I don’t know. That the plan that they proposed, and passed into law, the 2017 tax cuts, were $2 trillion were not paid for in any way shape or form and that didn’t seem to upset them at all. And I what I  will say, and they can thank us in any way they would like for this, our projections, and the projections of our economists is for our plan as it continues in the second decade it would reduce the deficit by $2 trillion, so we’re covering their irresponsible tax cuts to corporations and high wealth individuals. 

Jen Psaki took apart the hypocrisy of Lindsey Graham being concerned about adding to the deficit for programs that will lower the cost of prescription drugs, provide universal pre-k, and actually help people while being fine with blowing a two trillion dollar hole in the deficit to give rich people and corporations a big pile of money.

The Fox News crowd and Republicans will take the Graham sham seriously, but for everyone else, it is just another moment of Republican hypocrisy that reaffirms the point that the GOP is for the rich and not for thee.



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