Intercepted Russian communications reveal that Russian troops are suffering heavy casualties outside of Kyiv.

The Times (UK) tweeted:


The invasion of Ukraine has turned into a war of choice that Putin and Russia can’t win. The conventional wisdom has gone from Russia will be able to militarily storm through Ukraine, to Russia might be able to score a military victory, to Russia is stuck at a standstill, to Russia is losing territory that they have gained and can’t win.

The credit for the Russian failure to take the country goes first and foremost to President Zelenskyy and the Ukrainians for their courage and relentlessness in fighting for their country, but the Ukrainians might not have been able to hold out and fight back as they have without President Biden’s western coalition providing aid and support to Ukraine.

As Zelenskyy’s chief of staff has said, no US president has done more for Ukraine than Joe Biden. Zelenskyy and Biden are the leaders that have pushed Russia closer to defeat.

Putin’s unnecessary war of choice has made him and his regime war criminals, and after the fighting has ended, it will be time to hold him accountable.



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