Tayla Parx is Tayla-made to be your latest obsession. That is, if she isn’t already.

After all, she’s the creative-genius behind so many of your favorite songs—Ariana Grande‘s “Thank U, Next,” John Legend‘s “I’m Ready,” and Jennifer Lopez‘s “So Good,” just to name a few—and a self-care guru who is changing the music industry for the better.

“We’re in an industry that is full of creatives, except we don’t really prioritize taking care of them,” Tayla exclusively shared with E! News. “Instead of just saying that it’s a thing, how can I be a part of making something, a new approach towards self-care and creatives?”

That’s where her songwriting camp Burnout comes into play. Based in Nashville from Feb. 7 through 11, her retreat aims to flip the script by focusing on mental health while promoting inventiveness. “The whole point of it is not to burn out,” the musician, nominated for a 2022 Grammy for Album of the Year, explained. “So we split the day into two portions: play and create. I wanted to see if you introduced these creatives to different coping mechanisms, like tai chi and sound baths, how would that show in their music later on? Are they more in tune with themselves?”


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