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How Do You Use A Medicine Wheel For Healing

The Medicine Wheel is an old emblem adopted by several North and South American indigenous populations. Those who follow the Medicine Wheel do so according to their teachings and what their elders or medicine people have passed down to them. The Medicine Wheel can take on a variety of forms and sizes. It can be a piece of art, such as an artifact or a painting, or a physical structure on the ground. Scores of Medicine Wheels have been constructed on Native American territory in North America throughout the years. Each compass direction on the Wheel has lessons and gifts to help you become a better-balanced person. The goal is to stay in the middle of the Wheel while developing equal measures of the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional components of one’s identity. Shaman training on the Medicine Wheel may help you eliminate all that has kept you from realizing your dreams and give you the tools to keep your shift going while practicing healing practices with others.

  • What Is The Medicine Wheel?

Numerous Native American tribes have used the Medicine Wheel, also referred to as the Sacred Hoop, for health and healing for years. Alongside the Sky (father), Earth (mother), the Tree (spirit), it represents the Four Directions representing different aspects of health and life cycles. In Native American rituals and the Medicine Wheel, movement is round and usually clockwise. This allows you to sync with natural forces like gravity and the sun’s rising and setting. Each of the Four Directions is differently colored in black, red, yellow, and white. Everything from the life cycle to the year’s seasons to ceremonial plants is portrayed in this.

It’s a two-dimensional condition when we view a schematic of the Wheel. On the other hand, our forefathers designed a Wheel to reflect all parts of people, the natural world, and the visible and invisible components of our life. The Wheel is founded on an understanding of life’s rhythm. The Medicine Wheel’s core is in contact with the Spirit. Everything radiates forth and gathers at the center. Differences in the portrayal of the wheels are caused by factors such as sacred geometry, shamans, cosmology, and geographical location. We change as we develop, just like the seasons do, moving along the sections of the Wheel and learning from each.

  • The Wheel For The Healing

As it was designed, nothing on this planet is terrible. It only becomes harmful when we abuse it. There’s always a lot of power within the medicine wheel. In the medicine wheel’s idea, survival is often a vital term. Nothing would live if you took away the elements of air, fire, and water. The Medicine Wheel may be used as a self-assessment tool to gauge one’s level of balance. We get sick when our bodies are out of equilibrium. You may use the Medicine Wheel to see what can be done to rebalance yourself. The Medicine Wheel’s sacred circle and related teachings include the spiritual understanding needed to guide the healing journey, encourage positive transformation, and maintain healing connections.

The link between spiritual wellbeing and general health is widely acknowledged since Indigenous culture places such a high value on balance. Fostering a link between oneself and the cosmos is one of the essential aspects of spirituality for Indigenous peoples. Our whole health and welfare are improved when our spirits are aligned and balanced. The quadrant, which also represents the direction South, the sacred medicine sage, the season of Summer, and the element of fire on the medicine wheel, depicts the physical being. The muscular and skeletal systems that make up your body physically carry you through life and are an essential element of your being. On the other hand, the spiritual being is represented by the same quadrant on the medicine wheel that signifies the direction East, the holy medicine tobacco, the season of Spring, and the element of Earth. Maintaining a condition of receptivity to the universe’s energy is essential for spiritual well being.

Although the Medicine Wheel and its lessons might not be for everyone, they have assisted many people in staying on their healing journey and not giving up. These lessons are rather complex, and the more you understand the Wheel, the clearer it becomes. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough medicine wheel classes in cities, and many young people aren’t even aware of this belief system. Shamans provide emotional, mental, and physical pain relief through healing skills. Instead of being healers themselves, most modern shamans regard themselves as facilitators of healing. It might be challenging to follow the Medicine Wheel and its lessons, but perseverance can lead to successful recovery without giving up.

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