Fox News’s Jennifer Griffin debunked Russian propaganda being spread through a Qanon conspiracy theory to Sean Hannity’s face.


Hannity claimed that there was no clarity on what the Soviet-era biolabs were for, but Griffin responded, “Well, we do have clarity, I have a fact sheet—that’s what I was just reading—from the Pentagon. It is a long program that has existed where the Pentagon has partnered with these biolabs. These were Soviet-era labs that—remember the Nunn-Lugar Bill and trying to deal with proliferation when the Soviet Union ended—that is part of this effort to try to clean up those Soviet-era labs and make sure that nothing escapes from those labs. And so the U.S. has been very open about its involvement there with that. But what Russia does is they take that information, distort it, turn it around, and turn it into disinformation, and that is what has U.S. government officials concerned.”

Griffin said that the Pentagon is concerned that the Russians will use that information in a false flag operation.

Sean Hannity is helping Putin in the United States by spreading Russian propaganda. The Biden administration has done a superb job at calling out Russian propaganda and tactics, but they are up against Fox News’s real-time disinformation. Russian propaganda and disinformation are being spread through Qanon to Fox News, which then disseminates it to a broader audience.

Griffin is a Fox News reporter who has consistently called Russian propaganda on the network. She also earned the ire of Trump by confirming that the former president called the troops “suckers.”

Sean Hannity is a Russian media asset, but he got corrected on his own show this time.


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