CNN’s John Harwood said what the mainstream media has refused to admit for years. Donald Trump is mentally unwell.


John Harwood said on CNN’s New Day:

Brianna, Donald Trump is mentally unwell in a way that makes him interested exclusively in what benefits him. Distinctions between true, false, right, wrong, America’s friends, America’s enemies are irrelevant to Donald Trump. Russia has helped him financially and politically over the years. And he has aligned himself with Vladimir Putin.

This is significant not just because he was president but he’s the leader of one of America’s two preliminary parties and he might be president again.
This is a moment of moral clarity when Vladimir Putin is slaughtering thousands of people in Ukraine for Republicans who do care about the difference between right, wrong, true, false, America’s friends and America’s enemies to reflect on whether this is the person they want to attach their party to.

Again, there is no evidence that Biden or president Biden has done anything wrong. But we know that Donald Trump has aligned himself for years with Vladimir Putin. And Vladimir Putin is the butcher in this war that is going on right now.

PoliticusUSA has been highlighting the mental unwellness of Donald Trump for years, and independent outlets like ours have been dismissed by mainstream corporate-owned media as “partisan.”

Trump’s support of Putin during the invasion of Ukraine has made it much more difficult for large corporate-owned media outlets, who made a ton of money off of Trump, to ignore the obvious.

The leader of the Republican Party is a mentally unwell person who has relied on Putin to be a political and financial patron for decades.

If the corporate media stops ignoring Trump’s mentally unwell state, the country will have no problem rejecting him and his broken party in 2024.



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