NBC’s Chuck Todd made it sound like it is President Biden’s fault that Republicans are refusing to work with him.

Video clip of Todd on Meet The Press:

Todd said, “Outside of the infrastructure bill, which was a big victory, Mr. Biden has been unable to build a small governing coalition of Republicans to make the public effort at bipartisanship that some swing state Democrats have been pleading for.”

Todd’s suggestion that it is on President Biden to cater to Republicans is a common Washington, D.C. trope.

Joe Biden can’t make Republicans work with him. President Biden has reached out to Republicans in Congress throughout his first year in office.

Instead of blaming Biden, Chuck Todd should have asked why Senate Republicans are refusing to work with the president on several popular policy items. Todd could have asked why Republicans have adopted the strategy of rejecting President Biden’s efforts.

It is a consistent theme in corporate media that when a Democratic president is in office, they are criticized for not working with Republicans, but when Donald Trump was in office, people like Chuck Todd never criticized him for refusing to work with Democrats.

It is an obvious double standard. President Biden is not responsible for Senate Republican obstruction.

If Chuck Todd wants to know why Senate Republicans won’t work with Biden, he should ask Mitch McConnell.



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