President Biden’s State Of The Union address was a big hit with viewers as 78% said they approve of the address.

According to a CBS News Poll, “Overall, about 8 in 10 of speech watchers approved of Mr. Biden’s address tonight, including majorities of both Democrats and independents. Among members of his own party, his speech received high marks among both liberals and moderates.”

Sixty-seven percent of viewers said that the speech made them feel optimistic. Fifty-three percent of viewers said that the speech made them feel proud.

The SOTU viewership is always tilted toward the president’s party, but the breakdown for the CBS Poll was 49% Democrats, 28% Independents, and 21% Republicans. Respondents were evenly split between Democrats and non-Democrats.

After four years of lies and division, and anger being delivered to the nation as a State Of The Union address, it was good to see a president address the nation in an honest and optimistic way.

Biden’s SOTU was a home run and definitely something for Democrats to build upon.



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