For the first time in American history, lynching is a federal crime thanks to Speaker Pelosi, Leader Schumer, and President Biden.


President Biden said after signing the bill, ” It was over 100 years ago in North Carolina when George Henry white, the only black lawmaker in congress at the time, first introduced legislation to make lynching a
federal crime. Hundreds of similar bills have failed to pass over the years. No federal law expressly prohibited lynching, none, until today. ”

Until President Biden put his pen to paper today, there was no federal law expressly against lynching.

In the coming months, Republicans will try to make voters feel like it isn’t important that they vote. Republicans will attempt to play on voter anger or distract voters with temporary outrages, but those who showed up to support President Biden and Democratic candidates in 2020 need to remember that lynching is finally illegal at the federal level because of your vote.

Progress that was more than a century in the making happened because people showed up to vote.

President Biden could never have made history if Democrats did not control the House and Senate, and he didn’t win the White House.

The American people made this historic moment happen because elections can have positive consequences.



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